Friday, September 12, 2008

should International artist be alowed to perform in malaysia?

i guess this issue been very hot for tis tym being...n i guess its worth discussing....nyway in my opinion there wont be much harm to invite an international artist to perform in malaysia...some party says it would only bring the western culture to malaysia...i guess that wont be totally true...its jst the way how ppl viewing it..its this malaysian mentality that always blame others for wuts happening in tis country...i think if the citizen could think well... the international artist is jst bringing their music..their feeling through could ppl get influence???i mean....anybody can act western but they still have their identity deep in them..they can't act all day long....sumhow their original identity will be visible in any circumstances....guess....furthermore the malaysian artist can take good advantage in bringing in the western performers to perform here in malaysia...they can learn loads of lotsa specialty that they v can c...the westerns getting on very well..for as long as i knew...i am not saying that we must bring them in..but i'm saying don't stop them from performing here..afterall v r d one gaining much from them...take the gud one throw away d bad one..till thn...i leave this case for others to review....those r jst my opinion....ur welcome to comment bout tis./..

live life cool...


palakonde87 said...

Give chance to local

Karapole® said...

Its ok 2 have international artist as long as they understand the Malaysian culture... And when is Malaysian artist going to be label as international artist also?